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[NWV_208] Exploring Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing is a multifaceted technology generally characterized by its Service Model type (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS). From a user’s perspective SaaS is the simplest, since the Cloud service provider provides everything (software, hardware, management of infrastructure, etc.). IaaS is the other extreme where the Cloud user must manage its own Virtual Machine (VM), but has the ability to configure it in any manner desired. This course will focus on Cloud Computing from the view of the Service Models and present a high level comparison of the three primary SMs, and where they may fit into a wireless networking environment. Each of the three SMs is then explored in more depth to identify the unique role of (as well as the unique deployment challenges faced by) each.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Explain the motivation for deploying each of the three Cloud Computing Service Models
• Describe the differences between Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
• Describe the role of Virtualization in Cloud Computing
• Describe the difference between a Virtual Machine and a Container
• Explain each Service Model in the context of a Wireless Provider domains
• List the technologies upon which Cloud Computing is based
• Describe the “virtualization” process for IaaS
• Illustrate changes for Next Generation Data Centers
• Illustrate preferred operational scenarios for each Service Model
• Explain the role and tasks of a Hypervisor
• Sketch the virtualized Cloud Computing architecture
• Describe the key management issues faced by each Service Model

Intended Audience

This course is intended for a technical audience interested in understanding the basics of Cloud Computing Service Models in the context of a Wireless Service Provider’s network.

Suggested Prerequisites

• [NWV_116] Welcome to SDN and NFV Introduction (eLearning)
• [NWV_117] Welcome to SDN and NFV Foundations (eLearning)
• [NWV_118] Welcome to SDN and NFV Technologies (eLearning)

Course Length

2 days

Course Outlines / Knowledge Knuggets

1. Background
1.1. Cloud Computing overview
1.2. Service models preview
1.2.1. SaaS
1.2.2. PaaS
1.2.3. IaaS
1.3. Commercial service models solutions
1.4. Cloud Computing taxonomy and basic architecture

2. Virtualization
2.1. What is Virtualization?
2.2. Types of Virtualization
2.2.1. Computing Virtual Machines Containers
2.2.2. Networking
2.2.3. Storage
2.3. Multi-tenancy

3. Virtual Machines and Hypervisors
3.1. Hypervisor described
3.2. Hypervisor architecture
3.3. Hypervisor tasks
3.3.1. Manage shared info
3.3.2. Grants, memory management
3.3.3. VM scheduling and APIs

4. Docker and Containers
4.1. Docker described
4.2. Container architecture
4.3. Container tasks
4.3.1. Manage shared info
4.3.2. Grants, memory management
4.3.3. Container scheduling

5. Three CC SMs and Wireless Networking
5.1. Applicability to the wireless domain
5.2. Redundancy and high availability
5.3. Key Performance Indicators

6. SaaS Architecture
6.1. SaaS overview and architecture
6.2. User vs. Cloud Computing provider view
6.3. Operations
6.4. Management issues

7. PaaS Architecture
7.1. PaaS overview and architecture
7.2. User vs. Cloud Computing provider view
7.3. Operations
7.4. Network based systems
7.5. Management issues

8. IaaS Architecture
8.1. IaaS overview and architecture
8.2. User vs. Cloud Computing provider view
8.3. Operations
8.4. Platform evolution
8.5. Network based systems
8.6. Management issues

9. Cloud Computing Technology
9.1. Cloud Computing infrastructure management with OpenStack
9.2. OpenStack architecture
9.3. OpenStack operations

10. Next Generation Data Centers
10.1. Data management challenges
10.2. Data Center architecture
10.3. Storage virtualization
10.4. Design evolution

11. Putting It All Together


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