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[NWV_207] NETCONF/YANG Configuration Workshop *NEW*

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Network configuration tools are increasingly important as more network services move to the cloud. In the past, SNMP has been a standard tool for this task but now it is being superseded by NETCONF (Network Configuration Protocol) and the associated YANG (Yet Another Next Generation) standard. NETCONF has important features which go beyond the capabilities on SNMP. Network operating center workflows will change as we move toward configuration with NETCONF. In this class the student will implement device data models (with YANG) and NETCONF configuration automation scripts. Students will replace previous generation techniques (SNMP and manual automation) with next generation automation using the Tail-f ConfD Basic tool.

Hands-On Exercises (Skills): Approximately 60% of class time will be spent on hands-on exercises
• Done on public cloud virtual machines.
• Analyze NETCONF messages sent via Netopeer tool
• Edit YANG model data items and send RPCs on southbound interface
• Create NETCONF automation scripts for use with Tail-f ConfD tool

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Create a YANG data model for a VNF
• Modify an existing YANG model by adding data items and RPCs.
• Compare data modeling with – XML, YANG, JSON, RESTCONF/REST
• Differentiate between network configuration (NETCONF) and network control (OSPF/OpenFlow)
• Create and execute NETCONF automation scripts
• Utilize Tail-f ConfD tool to stage, implement, install, and rollback Network Equipment configuration.
• Describe the goals of end to end network automation

Intended Audience

This course is designed for practitioners who configure PNFs or VNFs.

Suggested Prerequisites

• Introductory knowledge of Linux

Course Length

3 days

Course Outlines / Knowledge Knuggets

1. Configuring Network Equipment
1.1. Vendor specific network equipment management today with EMS
1.2. Configuration vs. Control
1.3. Swivel chair management
Exercise – create simple YANG model.

2. NETCONF Replaces SNMP
2.1. Problems with SNMP
2.2. RFC 3535 as a run up to NETCONF
2.3. SNMP/NETCONF comparison
2.4. YANG as a new data model
Exercise - Add data and RPC to YANG model and translate to YIN (XML) model.

3. Executing NETCONF Operations
3.1. Configuration and state data
3.2. Configuration Data stores: candidate, running, startup
3.3. Data store operations
3.3.1. Editing data
3.3.2. Running RPCs
3.3.3. Adding new RPCs to Model and Target
3.3.4. Multiuser issues
3.3.5. Validate change
3.3.6. Rollback on error
3.4. Autonomous notifications
Exercise – validate and commit data stores to equipment. Detect configuration changes.

4. YANG For Data modeling
4.2. Converting YANG to YIN model
4.3. VNF verification and YANG
4.4. RPC definition in the model
4.4.1. Linkage from client to target
Exercise – YANG model in Tail-f.

5.1. SDN Controller and NETCONF
5.2. Workflow efficiency with NETCONF
5.2.1. Automation
5.2.2. Control
5.3. Control and Data plane issues
Exercise – debug/fix NETCONF script error.

6. Public Yang Models
6.1. ATT, Google => BGP Model
6.2. OSPF Model
6.3. OpenConfig Models
6.4. Validation Tools
Exercise – validate public YANG models.

7. Carrier Grade NETCONF
7.1. Datacenter wide management control
7.2. MIB to YANG translation
7.3. Northbound REST API to ConfD
7.4. NETCONF data stores in ConfD
7.5. Schema changes
7.6. ConfD CDB and internals
7.7. Configuration Audit history
7.8. Security Through SSH/PKI
Exercise: Install ConfD Basic. Execute Tail-f configuration and rollback.

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- Self-paced, animated, and interactive

- $150/each course for 6 month license

- Immediate online access upon purchase

- Flexible way to take training at any hour

- Online training transcript available

- Electronic certificates at completion

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