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[TPR1004] Wi-Fi Offload, LTE-U, and LAA *NEW*

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Mushrooming traffic, scarcity of spectrum, and expectation of a ubiquitous user experience are compelling operators to explore the use of unlicensed spectrum to offload traffic. While core network offloading is still the most common solution deployed, there are other emerging solutions which combine Carrier Aggregation and Dual-Cell Connectivity concepts with tighter integration of Wi-Fi and cellular technologies. These new solutions are part of 3GPP Releases 12 and 13, aiming at higher efficiency and better management of the user experience, as traffic flows are selectively and dynamically moved between licensed LTE and Wi-Fi or unlicensed LTE carriers. This course provides a technical overview of these emerging solutions and their trade-offs, including cooperative use of licensed and unlicensed LTE and Wi-Fi radios in macro cells and HetNets.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Describe the requirements and use cases for LTE and Wi-Fi integration in macro cells and HetNets deployments
• Specify pre-Release 12 solutions for UE-based traffic offloading to Wi-Fi
• Explain the objectives, benefits, and operations of RAN-assisted traffic steering in Release 12
• Discuss the concepts and global regulatory requirements of Licensed Assisted Access (LAA)
• Understand the application of license-assisted concepts to Wi-Fi through Layer 2 aggregation of LTE and Wi-Fi radios
• Summarize pre-Release 13 LAA solutions and emerging global standards solutions in Release 13+ for LAA

Intended Audience

This course is intended for individuals looking to gain a broad understanding of trends in Wi-Fi integration with cellular systems and alternative solutions for opportunistic use of unlicensed spectrum.

Suggested Prerequisites

• A general understanding of mobile wireless networks and LTE technology is recommended
• [LTE_102] LTE Overview (eLearning)
• [FUND106] Wi-Fi Overview (eLearning)

Course Length

0.5 day

Course Outlines / Knowledge Knuggets

1. Overview of Wi-Fi Offloading
1.1. Motivations for Wi-Fi offload
1.2. Wi-Fi offloading solutions
1.2.1. Core controlled traffic steering
1.2.2. RAN controlled traffic steering
1.3. Integrated LTE-Wi-Fi in HetNets
1.4. Use cases: Proximity-based offloading, D2D, and IoT

2. Core-Level Wi-Fi Integration
2.1. Architecture for LTE-Wi-Fi Interworking
2.1.1. LTE – 3rd party Wi-Fi Interworking
2.1.2. LTE–Operator owned Wi-Fi Interworking SIPTO MAPCON
2.2. Wi-Fi AP discovery and selection
2.2.1. ANDSF
2.2.2. HOTSPOT 2.0

3. RAN-Level Wi-Fi integration
3.1. LTE WLAN radio level aggregation (LWA)
3.1.1. Layer 2 aggregation
3.1.2. Dual connectivity
3.2. LTE using unlicensed spectrum
3.2.1. Licensed Assisted Access (LAA)
3.2.2. LTE-U forum


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