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[TPR1002] C-RAN *NEW*

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Centralized RAN, or C-RAN, is poised to completely transform the way Radio Access Networks are traditionally designed. C-RAN reduces OpEx, CapEx, and energy consumption while boosting overall capacity, coverage and spectral efficiency. The session starts with an introduction to C-RAN and how it solves the challenges faced by traditional RANs. The course describes the Common Packet Radio Interface (CPRI) technology and highlights its role in C-RAN operation. The session closes with a discussion of how C-RAN facilitates implementation of LTE and LTE-Advanced features such as ICIC, CoMP, and Carrier Aggregation.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Compare and contrast C-RAN with traditional RAN architectures
• Identify the expected benefits of C-RAN and describe the potential challenges associated with deploying C-RAN
• Discuss the use of CPRI within the context of C-RAN
• Describe how LTE-Advanced features can leverage C-RAN

Intended Audience

Technical and marketing personnel requiring an understanding of new technologies being deployed in LTE Radio Access Networks

Suggested Prerequisites

• A working knowledge of LTE radio networks and the LTE air interface

Course Length

0.5 day

Course Outlines / Knowledge Knuggets

1. C-RAN Drivers
1.1. Wireless growth
1.2. Impact on the RAN

2. C-RAN Architecture
2.1. The Four Cs of C-RAN
2.2. Benefits and challenges

3.1. CPRI overview
3.2. CPRI and C-RAN
3.3. Bandwidth and distance requirements

4. C-RAN and LTE-Advanced
4.1. Inter Cell Interference Coordination (ICIC)
4.2. Co-ordinated Multi-Point (CoMP)
4.3. Carrier Aggregation (CA)


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- Flexible way to take training at any hour

- Online training transcript available

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