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[NWV_407] NFV Application Planning and Design Workshop

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As a Mobile Communication Service Provider (CSP) transforms their network with the deployment of SDN and NFV, the challenge of network planning moves from an individual network function perspective to that of the Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) perspective. This course is focused on the computer, networking, and storage requirements that the NFVI needs to support to operate all of the VNFs that the Mobile CSP need to deploy. The course covers the fundamental differences in planning between PNF and VNF for capacity, availability, and reliability as well as application performance. Network virtualization and associated network connectivity planning covers the placement of SDN controllers in the data center as well as the WAN for both underlay and overlay.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Illustrate the difference in network planning of PNFs and VNFs
• List the resource planning models for compute, network, and storage of the NFVI
• Compare and contrast the VNF deployment options on NFVI planning
• Identify the role of SDN on network resource planning
• Illustrate the impact of orchestration on NFVI planning including the resources required to run the NFV-O
• List impact of the deployment and architectural choices of CSPs on the NFVI resources needed

Intended Audience

This session is intended for leaders in technology organizations interested in learning about the technologies and drivers for Network Virtualization at Mobile CSPs.

Suggested Prerequisites

• [NWV_204] Exploring Cloud, SDN, and NFV (Instructor Led)
• [NWV_406] OpenStack Workshop for SDN and NFV (Instructor Led)
• [NWV_304] SDN and NFV Architecture and Operations (Instructor Led)

Course Length

3 Days

Course Outlines / Knowledge Knuggets

1. NFV Architecture
1.1. NFVI
1.2. VNFs
1.3. MANO options

2. Network Planning in a Virtual World
2.1. Planning hardware
2.2. MANO and planning
2.3. Resource planning vs. Virtual resource planning

3. NFVI Planning
3.1. Compute resource planning
3.2. Network resource planning
3.3. Storage resource planning

4. VNF Impact on NFVI Planning
4.1. Monitoring requirements of a VNF
4.2. Redundancy requirements of a VNF
4.3. Impact of VNF location on NFVI planning

5. SDN and Network Planning
5.1. Role of SDN and VIM
5.2. Impact of SDN on network resources
5.3. Virtual link planning vs. link planning
5.4. Interaction of SDN and NFV
5.5. Impact of SDN options on infrastructure planning

6. Impact of Orchestration on NFVI Planning
6.1. Redundancy strategy and NFVI planning
6.2. MANO resource planning
6.3. Impact of NFV-O and VIM options on planning
6.4. Interaction of NFV-O and SDN

7. Putting It All Together
7.1. End-to-end transformed network planning model


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