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The World of M2M Software *NEW*

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Our world is becoming increasingly driven by software. Software applications provide the flexibility and agility that companies need to stay ahead, and connected device solutions need their own software to provide functionality and value. As software continues to increase its prominence in our culture and business models, those in the M2M world find themselves interacting with or near the software development space. As such, they need to be able to speak the language of software development with accuracy and confidence. The World of M2M Software provides a foundational understanding of the software development world in an M2M context, highlighting terms and concepts likely to arise in discussions related to software and software development. Throughout the session, practical examples and demonstrations illustrate the concepts.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• List several key considerations when developing an M2M solution
• Provide a concise working description of common concepts in the app development world
• Describe the differences between native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps
• Compare several types of wireless connectivity for mobile apps
• List several languages commonly used for app development, and high-level characteristics of each
• Differentiate between client and server apps
• Describe Web Services and related concepts
• Explain the difference between SDKs and APIs and how they facilitate app development
• Articulate the role of REST and SOAP and their value
• Describe the end-to-end app development process
• Describe the differences between app development for general mobile devices and M2M devices

Intended Audience

This course is intended for those in sales engineering roles with a need to understand and be conversant in the world of software development particularly as it relates to M2M solutions.

Course Length

1 day

Course Outlines / Knowledge Knuggets

1. The Life of an M2M App
1.1. M2M app considerations
1.2. The M2M app life cycle
1.3. The M2M app ecosystem
1.4. M2M platforms

2. The Anatomy of an M2M Solution
2.1. Devices
2.1.1. Hardware
2.1.2. Operating systems
2.1.3. Firmware
2.1.4. Connectivity Cellular (2G/3G/4G) WiFi Mesh/dust networks Bluetooth/NFC/Zigbee/ 6LoWPAN
2.2. Wireless sensor networks
2.3. M2M consortia and standards
2.4. Example: Getting data from a device

3. Types of Applications
3.1. Native applications
3.2. Web-based applications
3.2.1. HTML5
3.2.2. JavaScript
3.3. Hybrid applications
3.4. Connected device applications
3.5. Example: Connected device application

4. Software Development
4.1. Software development process
4.2. Application Programming Interface (API)
4.3. Software Development Kits (SDKs)
4.4. Development languages and frameworks
4.5. Demo: Eclipse

5. Server Applications and Web Services
5.1. Web protocols
5.2. Exchanging information
5.3. Representing data: XML and JSON
5.4. Web services
5.5. REST and SOAP
5.6. Example: WSDLs
5.7. Example: REST and SOAP

6. M2M Apps and the Cloud
6.1. Cloud characteristics
6.2. M2M and the Cloud
6.3. Apps and the M2M platform
6.4. Cloud considerations for applications

7. Demo: Putting It All Together


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