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The World of Enterprise Connectivity *NEW*

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Enterprise IT departments face the daunting task of providing connectivity to multiple locations and destinations. In today’s networking environment, the Internet Protocol, or IP, has become the global standard by which networks communicate. This IP connectivity has helped simplify communications and allowed network services to run over a common network infrastructure. This session explores the different options a business has to achieve IP communication between different sites. It discusses how the options differ and provides examples of when different options make sense. The session gives special focus to the popular Layer 3 IP-VPN scenario.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Sketch a layered view of a large enterprise network
• Sketch how IP networks are interconnected within a large company
• State the role of MPLS in interconnecting networks
• List enterprise options for connectivity
• Compare and contrast L1, l2 and L3 VPN connectivity solutions
• Describe the role of MPLS
• Show end-to-end route propagation and traffic flow with layer 3 VPNs

Intended Audience

This course is intended for anyone seeking a basic overview of Enterprise IP network connectivity.

Course Length

0.5 day

Course Outlines / Knowledge Knuggets

1. Enterprise Networks: A Big Picture
1.1. Layered view
1.2. Site connectivity

2. Example of a Simple Site
2.1. Layers (IP, Ethernet, physical, WiFi)
2.2. LANs
2.3. Routers and switches
2.4. VLAN, subnet, domains

3. Interconnection with VPN Solutions
3.1. Role of MPLS
3.2. Introduction to Metro/Carrier Ethernet
3.3. Public vs. private VPNs
3.3.1. VPN through Internet connection
3.3.2. VPN through private connection
3.4. Connectivity options (Layers 1-3 )
3.5. Explore the benefits/limitations, applicability, and an example of each of the following:
3.5.1. Leased lines
3.5.2. Layer 1 VPN
3.5.3. Layer 2 VPN Point-to-point Any-to-any (VPLS)
3.5.4. Layer 3 or IP VPN
3.5.5. Internet access
3.6. Exercise: Build the MPLS network

4. End-to-End IP Interconnectivity Scenario


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