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Technology Trends for Business I (2015) *NEW*

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Technology is rapidly changing our world, and new technology-based approaches to business are enabling new business models that offer real and often significant advantages. But the pace of technology change continues to increase, and it is difficult to keep up. Technology Trends for Business I takes participants on a guided journey through several transformational technologies, including wireless/LTE, cloud computing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things. It helps them understand the technologies well enough to understand their impact and be conversational about them.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
• List several major technology trends impacting the enterprise and the consumer space
• Articulate foundational LTE concepts around spectrum, VoLTE, IMS, LTE-Advanced, and LTE-Unlicensed
• Clearly describe core data communications concepts that underlie business connectivity, such as MPLS, VPNs, fiber and Ethernet
• Speak the language of cloud computing and define how cloud computing can benefit companies
• List and articulate foundational security techniques.
• Define the Internet of Things in a sentence and its value propositions, and provide several examples of IoT applications

Where available and appropriate for a given topic, the course will provide:
• The business problem(s) addressed
• Relevant technology concepts
• Industry examples

Intended Audience

This tailored course is designed for those in executive, marketing, or B2B sales roles who need to better understand industry trends at a business level.

Course Length

2 days

Course Outlines / Knowledge Knuggets

1. Industry in Motion
1.1. Industry trends 2015
1.2. Characterizing Big Data
1.3. IP convergence
1.4. Industry transformations

2. 4G LTE
2.1. A word on spectrum
2.2. The heart of 4G LTE
2.3. VoLTE and IMS
2.4. LTE-Advanced and Carrier Aggregation
2.5. LTE Broadcast
2.6. LTE-Unlicensed

3. IP Connectivity Solutions
3.1. Data foundations (review)
3.2. Connecting companies
3.2.1. VPNs
3.2.2. MPLS
3.3. Ethernet and fiber
3.4. IPv6

4. Cloud Computing
4.1. What is The Cloud, really?
4.2. The power of virtualization
4.3. The world ‘as a Service’
4.4. Cloud models
4.5. The enterprise and the cloud

5. Security
5.1. Security threats
5.2. Security foundations
5.2.1. Authentication
5.2.2. Encryption
5.2.3. Firewalls
5.3. Security trends
5.4. Case study

6. The Internet of Things (IoT)
6.1. IoT defined
6.2. The IoT vision
6.3. Devices, networks, and applications
6.4. IoT standards
6.5. IoT impact and challenges


- Self-paced, animated, and interactive

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- Flexible way to take training at any hour

- Online training transcript available

- Electronic certificates at completion

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