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Data Savvy 102: Data and the Enterprise

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IP convergence continues to accelerate change in data communication technologies, and businesses are working hard to stay on top of the options. Considerations such as cloud computing, an increasingly mobile workforce with new devices and networks, new security threats and the impact of IP-based video vie for the attention of IT departments. This session is designed to give sales engineers an update on the world of enterprise IT, with a focus on the technologies involved in connecting sites through wireline and cellular networks.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• List and describe several areas trending in the enterprise IT space
• Explain several techniques employed to filter traffic in enterprise networks, including an update on firewall technologies and application-level filtering
• Sketch a redundant architecture and discuss current approaches to high-availability and load balancing
• Describe IPv6 and its addressing, and discuss where the market is with respect to IPv6 adoption
• Describe the role of MPLS in services such as an IP-VPN and Carrier Ethernet services
• Sketch the path of an IP packet from a mobile device through the MPLS-based service and into an enterprise
• Distinguish between IP VPN services and their extension into the wireless domain
• Describe the connectivity from enterprises beyond TDM, including Metro Ethernet services and a Layer 3 VPN
• Discuss BGP vs. OSPF, and describe BGP operation at a high level
• List and explain four common network security mechanisms
• List three different services provided by a typical data center

Intended Audience

This course is intended for sales engineers.

Suggested Prerequisites

• Data Savvy 101: IP and the Internet (Instructor Led)

Course Length

1 day

Course Outlines / Knowledge Knuggets

1. Enterprise Data Networks
1.1. The enterprise network
1.2. In the mind of IT: Enterprise trends in IP, routing and data technologies
1.3. Virtualization
1.4. Enterprise application update
1.4.1. Filtering types and tradeoffs
1.5. Survivability and load balancing
1.6. Cloud computing
1.7. IPv6: Overview and update

2. Enterprise Connectivity
2.1. Review: IP protocol stack
2.2. MPLS
2.3. MPLS-based services
2.3.1. IP-VPN
2.3.2. Ethernet services
2.4. Connecting the enterprise
2.4.1. Wireless
2.4.2. IP over MPLS
2.4.3. Metro Ethernet
2.4.4. Routing: BGP and OSPF
2.4.5. Walkthrough

3. Enterprise Data Network Security
3.1. Firewall technologies
3.2. Application proxies
3.3. Intrusion detection systems
3.4. Authentication options

4. The Enterprise and the Data Center
4.1. Role of the data center
4.2. Data center services
4.2.1. Co-Location
4.2.2. Managed hosting
4.2.3. Cloud computing
4.3. Storage
4.4. Data center connectivity


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