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[IPC_405] IP Networking Workshop for LTE

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As IP and related technologies make their way into wireless service offerings and into the mobility network architecture and operations, network staff will need to have a solid understanding of these technologies in order to continue meeting service and network performance objectives. Having this foundation of knowledge enhances one’s value to the organization and improves productivity and effectiveness when working with these new types of networking devices. In this class, students will learn the supported features of new vendor equipment and how best to operate them, as well as to recognize how configuration changes affect other systems, diagnose performance issues, and trace fault conditions to their source. This session focuses on IP fundamentals: routing, protocols, addressing and tools. Hands-on exercises are designed to reinforce these concepts in the context of the HSPA+/LTE network architecture.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Read and explain the configuration file on the router
• Configure Ethernet VLANs and OSPF based IP networks
• Use a network analyzer to trace packet flows through the network
• Configure network nodes to support QoS requirements
• Troubleshoot simple Ethernet and IP issues
• Trace an end-to-end packet flow through the various VLANs and IP subnets that make up the mobility network
• Describe how Ethernet and IP nodes provide resiliency to faults in the mobility network
• Sketch a typical end-to-end LTE and HSPA+ architectures and explain how traffic and management plane traffic flow through it
• Estimate the number of IP addresses and subnets used by the HSPA+/LTE platforms and formulate an IP addressing scheme

Intended Audience

This course is intended for those familiar with the UMTS/HSPA+/LTE wireless networks, but are relatively new to IP technologies. It is designed to be a very compact IP course for those who may not necessarily need industry accreditation.

Suggested Prerequisites

• [IPC_103] Welcome to IP Networking (eLearning) or equivalent prior knowledge

Course Length

4 Days Instructor Led

Course Outlines / Knowledge Knuggets

1. Prologue
1.1. The wireless network
1.2. IP in the wireless network
1.3. IP workshop introduction

2. Internetworking Fundamentals
2.1. OSI and Internet models
2.2. Headers and encapsulation
2.3. Network devices: Switch, Router
2.4. Internetworking in mobile networks

3. Ethernet LANs
3.1. Ethernet MAC layer and framing
3.2. Ethernet PHY: 10/FE/GE/10GE
3.3. Address resolution protocol
3.4. Lab: Wireshark

4. VLANs
4.1. Conceptual overview
4.2. Applications
4.3. Lab: VLANs (simulate control and management planes)

5. IP Addressing
5.1. Broadcast, unicast, and multicast addresses
5.2. Public and private addresses
5.3. Static and dynamic addresses
5.4. IP subnet masks and prefixes
5.5. Written lab: Subnets

6. Internet Protocol Operation
6.1. IP packet format
6.2. IP forwarding
6.3. IP routing and OSPF
6.4. Name resolution
6.5. ICMP functions
6.6. Lab: IP forwarding

7. Transport Layer
7.1. Ports
7.3. Lab: Log analysis for TCP

8. Mobility
8.1. Packet core architecture
8.2. Authentication
8.3. Tunneling for mobility
8.4. Lab: Simulated data session

9. Quality of Service (QoS)
9.1. IP QoS
9.2. MPLS QoS
9.3. Ethernet QoS
9.4. Lab: QoS and priority

10. Network Availability
10.1. Layer 2 solutions
10.2. Layer 3 solutions
10.3. Written lab: Failover

11. Putting It All Together
11.1. Interconnecting networks
11.1.1. Use of Ethernet
11.1.2. Use of IP
11.1.3. Use of MPLS

12. Basic Troubleshooting
12.1. Lab: Ethernet misconfiguration
12.2. Lab: IP misconfiguration


- Self-paced, animated, and interactive

- $150/each course for 6 month license

- Immediate online access upon purchase

- Flexible way to take training at any hour

- Online training transcript available

- Electronic certificates at completion

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