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[NWV_409] Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Troubleshooting Workshop

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Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a relatively new concept within the Industry and has recently gained traction. Standards and implementations of SDN are still evolving as the industry grapples with this potentially significant technology transformation. SDN proposes to take the traditional implementation of the networking and dis-assemble it. SDN is a collection of technologies that split the data, control and management planes of the network and this class will give an overview of potential problem areas within an SDN network. After describing debug tools, we will analyze the details of the North Bound Interface (NBI) and the South Bound Interface (SBI) and study examples of message traffic on these interfaces while also debugging several types of flow rules in SDN switches.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Describe Software Defined Networking
• Name important SDN controllers
• Create a simulated SDN controller/network environment
• List the functions of SDN components
• Describe the contents of REST API messages
• Define problems which may occur in SDN switch flow rules
• Summarize parameters of SDN flow rules
• Describe Network Functions Virtualization
• Illustrate the use of SDN debug tools
• Differentiate between hypervisor, virtual machine, and container

Intended Audience

This is an in-depth technical class, intended for a technical audience that has knowledge of SDN concepts and an interest in understanding key concepts underlying Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Suggested Prerequisites

• [NWV_402] Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Workshop (Instructor Led)

Course Length

2 Days Instructor Led

Course Outlines / Knowledge Knuggets

1. SDN Troubleshooting - Big Picture
1.1. Troubleshooting in the SDN/NFV World

2. SDN Controller issues
2.1. SDN network simulation
2.2. Starting and stopping SDN controllers
2.3. SDN controller GUIs
2.4. SDN controller components
2.5. SDN controller interface with operating system
2.6. Exercise – Using Ping to debug flow rules in SDN switches
2.7. Exercise – Troubleshooting SDN controller/switch interface

3. SDN Configuration vs. Control Protocols
3.1. Difference between configuration and control
3.2. Yang and NETCONF
3.2.1. Yang to Yin conversion
3.2.2. NETCONF datastores
3.3. SDN Protocol details
3.4. Problems in switch flow rules:
3.4.1. Single packet debug techniques
3.4.2. How matching works
3.4.3. Multi-table rules
3.4.4. Exercise – Fixing OpenFlow rule errors

4. SDN API Programmability
4.1. REST VS SOAP API concepts
4.1.1. REST and SOAP debug tools
4.2. Issues related to changing APIs
4.3. Python scripting for REST APIs
4.3.1. XML and JSON tables
4.3.2. Python libraries for REST APIs
4.3.3. Analyzing REST problems with Wireshark
4.3.4. Exercise – Using Apigee REST APIs

5. SDN and Virtualization Problems
5.1. Basic Linux debug tools
5.2. Compare types of virtualization
5.3. Changing hypervisor and VM parameters
5.4. Heavyweight VS lightweight virtualization
5.5. Understanding system log messages
5.6. Exercise – connecting Docker containers
5.7. Exercise – connecting VMs in a public cloud


- Self-paced, animated, and interactive

- $150/each course for 6 month license

- Immediate online access upon purchase

- Flexible way to take training at any hour

- Online training transcript available

- Electronic certificates at completion

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