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[LTE_427] VoLTE Signaling and Operations

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This is an intermediate level course that builds on participant’s knowledge of VoLTE and the IMS architecture. Participants analyze real-world VoLTE/SIP logs collected from commercial VoLTE networks using drive test equipment. The IMS infrastructure is simulated using Open IMS, so participants also analyze SIP signaling messages in the IMS domain. This course uses a scenario- based approach, allowing participants to step through key scenarios such as VoLTE registration, VoLTE to VoLTE calls, and Interworking with the PSTN/3G and emergency calls. Log analysis is emphasized where logs are available. Other topics are explored using detailed message flow diagrams.

Required Equipment: Laptop for VoLTE log analysis

Special Note: Section 3 and 4 will be covered using air interface logs collected from a VoLTE network and generic SIP logs using open source IMS.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Sketch the VoLTE network architecture
• Walk through the following scenarios and identify the SIP messages and related parameters for:
­ - VoLTE registration
­ - VoLTE to VoLTE call setup and release
­ - VoLTE to PSTN interworking
­ - Voice Call Continuity (if applicable)
­ - Emergency Calls
• Step through the dedicated bearer setup during VoLTE call initiation
• Elaborate on Voice Call Continuity features to interwork with erstwhile RAN technologies

Intended Audience

This course is designed for those involved in VoLTE deployment in LTE RAN and EPC networks.

Suggested Prerequisites

• [LTE_203] VoLTE and IMS in LTE-EPC Networks (Instructor Led)

Course Length

3 Days Instructor Led

Course Outlines / Knowledge Knuggets

1. LTE and IMS Network Architecture
1.1. LTE-EPC network architecture

2. Bearer Setup for IMS APN
2.1. PDN connection for VoLTE
2.2. Default bearer setup

3. VoLTE Registration
3.1. IMS registration
3.2. SIP signaling with P-CSCF
3.3. User identities for VoLTE
3.4. Application registration
3.5. Exercise: LTE-IMS registration

4. VoLTE Call Setup
4.1. Call setup scenario overview
4.2. VoLTE call initiation signaling
4.3. Voice codec options
4.4. Exercise: End-to-end VoLTE call
4.5. VoLTE to PSTN
4.6. PSTN to VoLTE

5. Voice Call Continuity
5.1. SRVCC/eSRVCC network architecture
5.2. VCC call setup

6. Emergency Call Support
6.1. Emergency session call flows
6.2. LTE bearer registration and resource request
6.3. P-CSCF discovery and IMS emergency registration
6.4. Establish emergency session
6.5. Concepts and definitions


- Self-paced, animated, and interactive

- $150/each course for 6 month license

- Immediate online access upon purchase

- Flexible way to take training at any hour

- Online training transcript available

- Electronic certificates at completion

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