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[LTE_420] LTE RAN Signaling and Operations: Part 3 - Interworking (GSM/UMTS)

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The major focus of this course is the interworking between UMTS/HSPA and LTE and begins with a brief overview of LTE and 3GPP 2G/3G network architectures and requirements for interworking. The building blocks that support interworking between LTE and UMTS/HSPA are discussed in detail, including the new interfaces, hybrid device capabilities, and radio/core network mechanisms. Different interworking/mobility scenarios are listed and detailed message flows are given. The course also previews IP mobility mechanisms, security, and QoS considerations. The course provides both the architectural features and the detailed message flows of the interworking between LTE and 3GPP 2G/3G. In summary, this course provides a comprehensive overview of LTE technology Interworking with other 3GPP networks.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Analyze the key differences between UMTS and LTE architecture
• Explain the two architectural options for interworking with 3G/2G networks
• Sketch the network interfaces and protocols used for interworking
• Explain the measurement procedure as it applies to Inter RAT handover
• List the measurement events for E-UTRAN, UTRAN and GERAN
• Examine the detailed call flows for the inter-RAT procedures between LTE and UMTS/GPRS
• Describe Idle mode activities in LTE, UMTS and GSM/GPRS
• Illustrate the details of the inter-RAT cell reselection procedure
• List key broadcast information parameters needed for idle-mode cell reselection in all 3 RATs
• Walk through Tracking area update procedures
• Explain the combined TA/LA update procedures

Intended Audience

This course provides a comprehensive overview and a technical introduction to LTE Interworking with 3GPP networks. It is suitable for engineers in network planning and design, product design and development, network deployment, network performance, and network operations.

Suggested Prerequisites

• [LTE_102] LTE Overview (eLearning)

Course Length

1.5 Days Instructor Led

Course Outlines / Knowledge Knuggets

1. LTE Mobility - Interworking with 3GPP
1.1. LTE interworking network architecture
1.2. Definition of interoperability
1.3. Rel-8 UMTS access using S4-SGSN
1.4. IRAT measurements in LTE
1.5. Events A1 to A5 and B1, B2
1.6. IRAT measurements in UMTS and GPRS
1.7. UMTS compressed mode and Idle frames in GPRS
1.8. Review exercises
1.9. Summary

2. LTE Mobility - Connected Mode Interworking
2.1. UMTS to LTE handover procedures
2.2. Handover preparation, execution and completion phases
2.3. LTE to UMTS handover procedures
2.4. Exercises
2.5. Pre Rel-8 UMTS access
2.6. Gn-SGSN based handovers between UMTS to LTE
2.7. Summary
2.8. Exercises

3. LTE Mobility - Idle Mode Interworking
3.1. Device states and IRAT mobility procedures
3.2. Idle mode activities
3.3. EGPRS and UTRA states
3.4. System Information for IRAT procedures
3.5. IRAT cell selection
3.6. IRAT cell reselection
3.7. Tracking area update procedure
3.8. Paging procedure
3.9. Combined LA and TA updates
3.10. Summary
3.11. Exercises


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